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Liberty racing car

Drive with remote control using a runtime on a Raspberry Pi

Try out our Liberty Car. It's an IoT, IBM Cloud, and WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Liberty demo that shows how you can take advantage of the efficiency of small runtimes to deploy them onto small, low powered computers.

We started with an application server running on a Raspberry Pi with the Liberty profile. Then we demonstrated running the Liberty profile on a mobile phone. Then we steered the demo in a new direction: a Liberty profile server running on and controlling a radio controlled car! The car has its own WiFi network thanks to a USB powered WiFi router plugged into the Raspberry Pi.

Everything is powered from a single battery in the car so it is a completely self contained setup – the only thing you need in addition to what is included in the car is a device to control it. It's a truly mobile application server. (Ahhh... DYSWIDT?)

The demo has been enhanced by routing all traffic from your phone via IBM Cloud, and using the secure gateway feature to securely tunnel down to the Raspberry Pi running on the car.

More information at developerWorks.


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