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Machine Learning can be child’s play

Watson's AI services are so simple, kids can code with them

Machine learning is all around us. We use it every day in spam filters, recommendation engines, language translation services, chatbots, digital assistants, search engines, and fraud detection systems. Soon it will be normal for machine learning systems to drive our cars, and help doctors to diagnose and treat our illnesses.

We think it's important that kids are aware of how our world works. The best way to understand that is to use it for themselves. One of our engineers made the awesome site, available for free, for anyone, anywhere. It's now used all round the world.

We use it for our school events, getting primary school children to use Watson services, such as training Watson to play "Guess Who?" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

It's a fun and engaging way to introduce school children to machine learning principles, giving them first-hand experiences of training AI systems.

Come and try it for yourself. You'll see that Watson services are not solely for use by PhDs and data scientists any more (though they'll find them really useful, too). And it's not just for large clients with deep technological expertise and deep pockets, either. These projects show how accessible these technologies have become.


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