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Cognitive fashion

Design meets IBM Design Thinking in this university collaboration

It's become fashionable for our IBM Studios Hursley to work Southampton Solent University. For the past three years we have supported and mentored students, as they take on briefs tailored to IBM, usually with an Internet of Things and AI twist.

Pugs that can talk. Automated visual recognition to build inspirational mood boards. Biotech patches. Wardrobes for billionaires!

Our IBM designers share their time and knowledge in technical areas. That includes understanding sensors, IBM Watson services, messaging, and demonstrating the art of the possible. We're trained in human-centred areas of expertise, including Design Thinking techniques and storytelling, that help the students get the absolute best out of their projects.

In return, we get to work with some completely unique and use cases, and gain new insight in a field outside our day jobs.

Join IBM mentors, the course leader and students to talk about our ongoing collaboration and projects.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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