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How hackers are stealing cars

What they do, how they get away with it, and what we can do about it

If hackers want to attack a network-connected car, they need physical access to the vehicle. So it's safe if you lock it securely, right?

Ivan Reedman reveals how hackers are stealing cars today. He's known by his team mates as “The Toymaker” because he creates hardware-based tools to compromise physical devices. He's even hacked his own washing machine.

Ivan is a member of IBM X-Force Red, a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware, and software applications before cybercriminals do.

He's dedicated to helping clients discover and fix the vulnerabilities in their businesses. Why hardware? While traditional penetration testing can reveal fixable software or configuration flaws, physical hardware can’t be patched. Threat actors who get their hands on these devices could bypass security certificates, steal data and leverage other IoT devices for a back-end attack.

And he's got advice for you about how to keep hold of your car.


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