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Intelligent simulations and modelling

How our researchers help improve consumer products... and F1 racing cars

A consumer product's final quality can be determined by the smallest of interactions. Together with the Science & Technology Facilities Council, our IBM researchers work with partners across different UK business sectors to deliver bespoke workflows that solve specific technical problems.

In particular, we can study the break-up of droplets of a complex organic fluid. We're doing this by combining engineering simulation with optimisation and machine learning. For example, we can help improve the design of Formula 1 cars by identifying features of the flow and improving the performance across a range of different racing conditions.

Improvements are happening across engineering and manufacturing. That's possible because of increases in computing power and mathematical modelling that allow us to perform very large, accurate calculations, and to create and analyse image data in-situ and thus minimise data transfers.

We can therefore consider wider ranges of scenarios with increasing realism, capturing the interactions of small scale dynamics with engineering length-scales.

Our demo will combine videos and interactive sessions to show digital twinning of complex engineering systems through scalable coupled models, remote and in-situ visualisation techniques, and extraction and advanced post-processing for large simulation data sets.


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