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Transforming life sciences research

Bioinformatics as a service can make new advances possible

Have you heard of omics? It describes biological studies in fields such as genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

They have transformed life sciences research. And they produce mountains of data that need to be managed and analysed. As genomics makes inroads into personalised health care and clinical settings, it must have robust compute infrastructure to meet those growing needs.

Our IBM researchers have created Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS) to help with this.

Rapid developments in the Next Generation Sequencing technologies have helped genomics become mainstream. However, the compute support systems that should support that have lagged behind. Infrastructure design to deal with omics datasets is an active area of research. And it's a critical one, if omics are to be adopted in industrial healthcare and clinical settings.

This demo of our BaaS concept reveals the design and implementation of a compute infrastructure for fast and scalable processing of omics datasets.

We explain our approach with the help of a well-known bioinformatics workflow, and a compute environment that can be tailored to achieve portability, reproducibility, and scalability using a mixture of High Performance Computing and Data Centric systems.


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