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Looking after Bob the builder

Give him a whack with a bat to test our health and safety solution

Workers need to stick to many Health and Safety requirements on a building site. But on a large construction, it's hard for a site manager to monitor and enforce all those important rules.

And if a serious accident means that a worker can't move or communicate, they may be at risk if they're not reached quickly. In a connected world, we have the answer to that.

Come and meet Bob the Builder, our marvellous mannequin who is instrumented with sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Don't wait for an accident - you get real-time insights into his performance, health, and safety. But if do you want to test the system, we'll let you whack him with a cricket bat.

The solution uses a range of IBM-developed technologies, including MQTT, the lightweight messaging protocol now used by IoT devices around the world. It's used to send regular data from sensors embedded in the everyday equipment and clothing worn by workers, collected on the IBM Watson IoT Platform, and run through NodeRED (another of our innovations) to pick out relevant data.

Events can then be sent to any platform of choice. That could be a smart watch worn by a site manager or, for our demo, a centralised dashboard that a site manager could monitor. 


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