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Take a space walk in virtual reality

Explore NASA’s space station with our cognitive VR experience

Take your own personal journey in and around the International Space Station (ISS) in this immersive experience

Built using the Unity 5 game engine, this demo for the HTC Vive allows you to explore the ISS, both inside and out in Virtual Reality. It really feels like you're floating around in space, especially when looking out of the Cupola module down to Earth.

We've incorporated the ability to interact with on-board items too. Open and close hatches, explore the outside of the station in an Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA), or throw around an IBM laptop - you'll find many of those onboard the real ISS.

To further enhance the experience, we've used the IBM Watson Unity SDK to embed a Watson system into Unity. That lets you use the Watson Speech services hosted in IBM Cloud to engage with Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery services.

We've trained Watson with Wikipedia articles about the Space Station. Using these services, you can then ask questions like "Who is Tim Peake?" or "How do the astronauts go to the toilet?" And Watson will tell you the answer.

This is one of our most popular Emerging Technology demonstrations. We've even had real astronauts try it out!


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