Watson goes to the movies

Can our machine learning model spot your favourite flick after just seven questions?

We think IBM Watson can predict your preferred movie by posing a few simple questions.

Watson won't ask specifically about movies... that would be too easy. We don't just say: "So, what's your favourite film?" Our Watson Favourite Movie Predictor is a machine learning model that asks seven questions about you and your opinions, in a choice of languages.

Come and try it for yourself, and find out how our machine learning algorithms work and integrate with the Watson APIs. You can type your answers, or talk to Watson.

It's built on Node-RED and uses five Watson APIs, including Personality Insights and Watson Assistant, as well as machine learning models created with Watson Studio. Each new set of answers helps retrain the machine learning model, so it's self-learning.

It showcases how an application can integrate conversation technology and embed machine learning to gain insights from different data sources.


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