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Speed up your new car purchase

Take a vehicle for a spin around the blockchain

Come and crash our radio controlled car, to see how business can use the power of blockchain to improve speed of execution, auditability, and reduce costs.

Our Vehicle Lifecycle demo shows a use for blockchain in the automotive industry. It could provide regulatory audibility, and reduce duplicated data by having a single source of truth. We show how a blockchain network of customers, manufacturers, insurers, and regulator could work.

It reveals that live Internet of Things (IoT) data can be used within a blockchain solution, with a sensor tag in our radio controlled car to simulate a vehicle in real world conditions.

While you're with us, check out our Letters of Credit demo, too. It illustrates a way the financial industry can use blockchain to speed up existing processes and reduce costs. It shows how a blockchain network of importers, banks, and exporters could be set up to allow for the application, approval and settlement of purchase and payment guarantees.


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