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No batteries, no wires

Power for your devices without a connection - welcome to energy harvesting

It's said there will over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. Research company Gartner also predicted that they'll outnumber the world's population this year. For the vast majority of those devices, we can't run cables to power them and move data. And where it is practical, it's expensive.

We have technology today that enables devices to communicate over 20 miles, running off batteries for a decade. They will still need replacing at some point. Now there are battery-free options - devices to harvest energy, even from the people using them.

Connecting up "things" is not new or novel, but the approach taken and emerging technologies make possible a vast range of new and innovative uses.

Dave Locke has for many years enjoyed playing in the Internet of Things, even before everyone started calling it IoT. He will introduce these energy harvesting technologies, and provide examples of where they are being used by clients, IBM, and within the Hursley site itself.


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