Hidden insights in marketing

Our Intelligent Assistant surfaces your buried data

More data is being generated today than ever before. Marketing solutions that used to be best-of-breed are just getting buried beneath it.

That's because they're not connected. You need to act quickly on your data to get value from it. If it's buried in different unconnected systems then not only is your data in the dark, your business is too.

But you've already got the data... somewhere. You need to find and exploit it, share it between multiple systems from multiple suppliers, and make best use of the technologies you've invested in. To get competitive advantage with what you already have, you need a cognitive approach that operates an open framework for moving data.

When our Watson Marketing team talk about AI (artificial intelligence) what we really mean is IA (Intelligent Assistant). We help marketeers gain insight into their data and take action quickly. Our demo shows how IBM is surfacing that hidden data, bringing it into the light so that you can deliver real business results.

Come and see how our connected ecosystem handles today's marketing challenges with that added cognitive capability and a framework to move between IBM and non-IBM environments.  


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