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Delight customers and developers by building a bridge

Your CEO Kaito just phoned. He wants to reward all new sign-ups with 500 bonus points on their company loyalty card - a scheme run by business partner Off-to-the-Shops.

Does your heart sink because you know that customer data can get divided between client-facing applications and your company's systems of record? Will app development be tricky, knowing how complex it can be to integrate IT systems, especially when your solution is going to span organisations?

The good news is that Off-to-the-Shops use IBM MQ, and your customer-facing apps are in Salesforce. The IBM MQ Salesforce bridge provides a simple and secure way to integrate these technologies.

Our demo shows how straightforward it is to grab the demo samples from GitHib, create the process flow, set up in your new environment, and extend the prebuilt Docker image for developers. The bridge provides a mechanism to flow information between directly between Salesforce systems of engagement and enterprise systems of record using IBM MQ. 

There goes the phone again. Kaito is so impressed that he's decided to look after loyal customers as well. When they collect more than 100,00 points, he wants them to get an additional reward. You can now update the MQ application to publish a high-points special event over the bridge.

Come and see our development team show how to do this, and how your business can benefit by bridging the enterprise IT data divide. Your customers will be delighted. And your app developers will be, too.


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