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Developers can learn how to write an MQ app in just one afternoon

IBM MQ is the world’s most powerful messaging solution. LearnMQ will teach new developers how to master it in just a few hours.

Learn the basics, run a demo by connecting a sample app to a queue manager, and code your first MQ application with a queue manager – then run it locally, in Docker, or in the Cloud.

LearnMQ is available free at and you can earn an industry-recognised Open Badge to add to your digital record of achievement and skills.

This year is our Silver Jubilee for IBM MQ. We've developed and continuously enhanced it in IBM Hursley over 25 years.

IBM MQ allows developers to focus business logic and produce code that matters. It’s a robust, reliable and secure messaging solution used for critical business applications in major companies around the world for banking, insurance, retail, government, transportation, and logistics.

It simplifies and accelerates the integration of different applications across multiple platforms, and supports a wide range of APIs and languages. And it allows the server infrastructure to be run across desktops, mainframe and cloud frameworks.

Every day of the year, IBM MQ provides flight statuses for eight million travellers, retail transactions for over 14 million customers, and $1.9 trillion in bank transfers around the world.

No wonder a new generation of developers want to learn it. Now they can do that - in half a day.


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