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Crack cross-department cyber crime

Get your teams working together to beat the bad guys online

Digital business will attract digital criminals. When Bane & Ox moves its business operations online, they need to protect again cyber attacks that perpetrate traditional crimes such as fraud and extortion.

Criminals aren't concerned about the company's business unit structure - they will exploit any means at their disposal. But like a lot of companies, Bane & Ox still has distinct business units for tackling cyber crime. They have a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to defend against malware or unauthorized transfer of sensitive information. Elsewhere, they have a separate bank fraud team to investigate cyber crime.

A more robust approach is a cross-department cyber threat intelligence centre, that combines information from many different sources. It can include SOC, fraud investigations, open source data, and human intelligence. And by doing that, it provides a unified analytical picture of cyber crime, wherever and however it occurs.

Our demo shows how IBM i2 technology can do this. It uses the latest war game scenario from the IBM Cyber Range, depicting an attack on the fictional Bane & Ox company. It illustrates how a fully developed intelligence picture reveals persistent human threats that remained undetected by existing investigative practices.

We’ll also offer a glimpse of the future by demonstrating our latest Augmented Reality prototypes. See printed briefing charts come to life with embedded multi-media, and explore how analytical teams of the future might collaborate in mixed reality.

IBM i2 technology brings together 20 years experience in visual intelligence and investigative analysis that's now used by commerce, security, and law enforcement all around the world.


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