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Augment your security with AR

Visualise a problem when you see it in front of your own eyes

A Security Operations Centre can display information on a conventional screen. What if you could bring that to life on the desk right in front of you?

We offer a glimpse of the future in this demo of our latest Augmented Reality (AR) prototypes. What if printed briefing charts could come to life with embedded multi-media relevant to the viewer's interests and security clearance? So a CEO sees the impact on business results and PR, whereas a CTO sees the technical details of the breach, all from the same paper overview.

You'll see how analytical teams of the future could collaborate in mixed reality. Imagine an analytical situation room just like any office, but with your electronic work products arranged as you like them around the room. Maps on the left wall, timelines on the right, useful data sources on that desk in the corner. Prefer maps elsewhere? Just grab them and move them with your hand.

A collaboration desk where multiple analysts can share and explore datasets in the 3D space between them. Information automatically redacted when a new entrant to the room does not have security clearance. In the future, the limitations of small 2D screens will seem prehistoric.

IBM i2 technology brings together 20 years experience in visual intelligence and investigative analysis that's now used by commerce, security, and law enforcement all around the world.


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