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Spot and stop cryptojackers

Is your computer making money for someone else without you knowing it?

Criminals have created a different kind of malware to make money at your expense. They do it without your permission, and without you even knowing it.

Just a few lines of code, delivered via your web browser, could let cyber crooks steal your processing power and cloud CPU usage to mine cryptocurrencies. It’s a new and growing threat. An industry report in April described it as “a gold rush for cyber criminals” as attacks exploded by 8,500 percent in the last year.

In our demo, see how IBM’s QRadar product can spot and stop cryptojacking in cloud computing offerings such as Amazon Web Services. QRadar is our industry-leading Security Information Event and Management (SIEM) software.

See for yourself how we identify compromised resources and accounts that the villains are using to mine cryptocurrency on your systems, and the methods by which an attacker gets away with it. We’ll also show you how we identify risky user behaviour with Machine Learning in QRadar User Behavior Analytics.


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