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Run your own space programme for £500

How students built a space probe with our Hursley Innovation Centre 

Our UK teams work with universities across the country on collaborative activities, mentoring, guest lectures, and more.

See how MSc students from Imperial College worked with a Senior Inventor and Visiting Research Fellow in Hursley's Innovation Centre. They built and launched their own real-life space probe, and replicated the conditions the probe monitored 20 miles above the Earth in the Hursley Internet of Things Lab.

We've done this on several occasions now: first of all accompanied by model TARDIS from Doctor Who, and then disguised as a BB-8 droid from Star Wars.

The team used IBM Cloud, IBM Messaging, Watson, and Watson IoT to parse the unstructured data from images taken from the edge of space, as well as performing tone analysis on tweets sent to the probe.

This is a Proof of Concept to determine the use of this technology to create intelligent drones (no, not the Star Wars type) that can be used in the event of an emergency, to identify people in distress along with any hazardous surrounding elements.

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