Fight off a cyber attack

Immersive VR puts you at the heart of the action

Wonder what happens during a cyber attack? Our Virtual Reality (VR) experience lets you take a role in the story.

You’ve seen WannaCry and Petya crippling organisations on the news. Now put on a VR headset, and step straight into the action as we place you inside the room to make decisions in the fight against a cyber attack.

In the immersive IBM Security Operations Centre (SOC) you'll experience the process of detecting a threat and using IBM technologies to locate and mitigate it. The fate of the company is in your hands. Choose how to respond, and guide your SOC team through the crisis.

Will the company survive the attack? That's up to you!

Find out how you can protect your organisation from security threats and how IBM's cognitive analysis can anticipate and protect before disaster strikes.


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