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Talk: Change the world, one block at a time

A journey through some of IBM's current blockchain projects and solutions

Blockchain's reach is global, as revealed in this this whistlestop tour through some of our best current work.

It's revitalising trade finance with We.Trade, an innovative digital platform for business and bank collaboration. It's disrupting international shipping networks with TradeLens, digitising the supply chain with its open and neutral industry platform. Retailer Walmart is using it in an initiative to establish a safer, more affordable and sustainable food system.

"Greatness isn't having a technology, but the know-how to do something with it," says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. "What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions."

Come and find out why blockchains are forever, and how IBM is helping industries transform their businesses.

Matthew Golby-Kirk is a member of our global blockchain engagement team, dedicated to helping clients understand what IBM is doing with blockchain. He is based at our Hursley Lab. Matthew has worked in IBM on a variety of integration and middleware technologies, including the development team for IBM Integration Bus.


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