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Smart Sidekick

Build a chat bot in your lunch break

Someone driving to a meeting or cooking dinner can make the most of their time by getting Smart Sidekick to do the hard work. It uses voice recognition to access cloud and AI services.

Now you can create a chat bot like that. It's easier than you might think. Voice recognition technology is now mainstream and is already in most consumers' homes and pockets. AI services are readily available. Most of the data and services that you care about on a daily basis are in the cloud.

All you need is some glue.

Building a chat bot is largely an integration task - and tools like IBM App Connect help you do that successfully and easily. Our Smart Sidekick demonstrates how simple it can be to pull together modern technology to create a useful chat bot.

We think that within three years more than half of enterprises will spend more on creating chat bots than they spend on developing traditional mobile apps.

So pick up a template, wire the flows to build a dialogue, train the brain... and eat lunch. Now you're talking! (Talking to your chat bot, that is.)


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