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Talk: When fashion meets high tech

IBM designers and university Masters students take technology to new places

What happens when you bring creatives from the world of fashion and beauty together and buddy them up with IBM Design Mentors from the worlds of Internet of Things (IoT), Messaging, Blockchain, and Integration?

For a third year, designers from IBM Studios Hursley take the role of mentors to students of MA Creative Direction for Fashion and Beauty at Southampton Solent University. The mentors are exposed to cutting edge ideas and novel concepts varied far beyond their job at IBM. In return, they share their technical and design thinking knowledge to help the students hone them throughout their year.

Luke Firth is lead designer for IBM's Watson IoT Analytic experiences. Jennifer Anyan is Head of Postgraduate Provision & Strategic Lead - Research & Innovation for the School of Art, Design and Fashion at Southampton Solent University.

They will explain how they’ve teamed designers and students together for some surprising and often deeply compelling outcomes.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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