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Festival fact finder

Bringing data to life live at our event with automatic insights

We're testing out our tech at the Festival with a custom map visualisation of what's happening, as it's happening. We're pursuing the art of the possible, and can let you see it on the day.

It's ideal if you have a data schema that maps to a 2D layout. An example is our Festival floor plan, but it could just as easily be an airplane seating plan or the layout of a warehouse. Now you can analyse the data that corresponds to the map with IBM Cognos Analytics.

The system self-generates data about where visitors are turning up at each of our dozens of demos. You can see on the dashboard analysis of that data, visualised against the floor plan.

Developed by our UK Lab Campus developers, Cognos Analytics is great for self-service business intelligence with Cognos Analytics. It creates compelling visualisations and dashboards, and gets better answers from your data with Artificial Intelligence assistance that reveals hidden insights. And it will include location date from address files, social media, GPS, weather, and more.

Unleash your creativity with simple drag-and-drop functions, and scale your insights on demand with your team, group, or entire organisation at the click of a button.


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