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Swift ways to develop Apple AR apps 

You can really augment your full stack development

Learn how to use your iOS developer skills to create truly integrated experiences for your users. And have a play with our Augmented Reality (AR) app while you're here.

Swift is fast becoming one of developer's most loved languages. Rapid growth in adoption is largely thanks to its use in iOS app development. Kitura is an open source server framework written entirely in Swift, an enterprise-grade server-side web framework that's backed by IBM.

It brings the speed, power and type safety of Swift to an enterprise-grade server-side web framework that's backed by IBM. It also allows developers previously restricted to iOS to take full control of the user experience and write an entire project, front end and back end, in a single, preferred language.

Our demo showcases and app with Augmented Reality geocaching that allows users to drop AR objects into the real world. These objects are then persisted and shared between other users of the app using a Kitura server. You can then go hunting for objects left by other people and view them in AR on your device.

You're welcome to try the app yourself on an iOS 11 device, or borrow ours. Have a go placing and finding objects in virtual reality. Our Swift@IBM team can tell you about app development, AR, back end for front end, and full-stack development paradigms, web servers, and Swift.

Or just have fun walking around 3-D images that no-one else can see!


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