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Enable the kingmakers

Coding, content, and community for the leaders of the technology revolution

Developers and startups are the kingmakers in many organisations. They fuel innovation in many customers across many industries. Within just a couple of years, the number of developers making purchasing decisions in companies doubled.

Our IBM Developer Advocates know the importance of building relationships with them from the outset. We know that they don't want marketing charts or sales talk. They want to see working code that solves a problem. They want technical content that enhances and deepens their skills. They want to be part of a community that extends relationships - locally, regionally, globally.

Whether you're a developer, or someone who works with them, come and talk to our IBM Developer Advocates at the Festival in Hursley - right here in one of our biggest software labs in the world.

And our London City Team are ready to work with any community that codes, to solve challenges with our expertise and IBM technologies. Nearly 400,000 developers live and work in the Greater London area: more than in San Francisco, Paris, or New York.

So, come and connect with our technology pacesetters and ground-breakers. Discover new coding techniques, build stronger technology communities, and help lead the next wave of the tech revolution.

We are technical leaders and programmers who want to help you succeed. We're people who work with code all day, every day, and want to share our expertise and know-how with you.

We succeed when you succeed. Come and challenge us.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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