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Interactive Wimbledon

Experience how Watson created the tournament's first AI designed poster

For three decades IBM has been the official supplier of Information Technology and consultant to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. We are proud that it is our technology and expertise that helps Wimbledon in their pursuit of greatness - helping players, coaches, journalists, broadcasters, and fans around the world.

UK Lab Campus technologies are part of that. They include QRadar Advisor with Watson identifying potential threats; SPSS Statistics gaining insights into match performance with IBM SlamTracker; our Emerging Technology solution for natural language conversations Q&A about the event; the Cognitive Social Command Centre that analysed social media discussions; and our #WhatMakesGreat analysis of champion performance based on 25 years of unstructured data plus player and coach experience. 

One year, our IBM Seer app even allowed tournament-goers to “see through the walls” of Wimbledon’s main courts with Augmented Reality!

The differentiator for 2018 was Artificial Intelligence. This year IBM enhanced the AI-powered automated video highlights for Wimbledon fans. Watson was taught to better recognise player emotion, increasing the quality of the output and enabling the wimbledon.com team to produce a highlights package in just five minutes.

At the Festival of Innovation this year, our interactive experience invites you to meet Watson the Designer, and tells the story behind Wimbledon's first AI designed official poster, created with the Watson Visual Recognition API. It brings together 150 years of Wimbledon, puts stats at your fingertips, and invites you to participate.


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