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Meet the Master Inventors

Have a light bulb moment by talking to our leading innovators

Last year IBM received a record number of patents, marking the company's 25th consecutive year of US patent leadership. Once again, our Lab inventors contributed to that achievement.

The first thing you'll see when entering the Hursley Lab is our Wall of Fame, a portrait gallery of our most distinguished inventors. Every year, IBM recognises this elite group of employees with the title "Master Inventor."

We have four dozen of them in the UK. Some have decades of IBM experience. Others are innovators younger than 30. They are all people who have a track record of intellectual property and patent achievement, and who also lead and mentor others to inspire new inventors.

Over the years, our smart inventors have filed patents for fastest storage access, acoustic models for voice recognition, measuring advertising attribution in 3D spaces, augmented reality, online security, micro-fluidic windows, predicting whether passengers will catch a flight, and environment sensing for natural disaster recovery - to name a mere handful.

The areas of originality cover our businesses from hardware design back in the 1960s all the way through to today's hottest technologies in cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain.

Meet some of our Master Inventors at the Festival. Discover how we establish a culture of innovation throughout our businesses with invention clubs, patent work groups, support networks, training, information, mentoring, and more.


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