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Where's my developer gone?

Our Cloud Garage team's playful approach to innovation

Our project teams in IBM Cloud Garage like to run a display with continuously updated build status across all our various projects. Devops is one of the key parts of the our working practice. It allows us to deliver with confidence and respond to changing customer requirements quickly.

But because our teams move between project rooms and and swap desks all the time, we don't have a good place to put a display. This little space management problem turned out to be a great opportunity to inject a bit of playfulness into our workspace.

What if the build status looked for the developers, instead of the developers looking for the build status? Come and see how we experimented with an intelligent, ambulatory build monitor.

While you're with us, you can ask about our other work. We do plenty of cool stuff - such as creating a mobile app to help Simon Wheatcroft in his bid to be the first blind runner to complete the 4 Deserts Namibia race solo. (Check out the video on this page).

We provide a collaborative environment staffed with diverse experts who work with clients to rapidly define, design, develop, validate, analyse, operate, and maintain applications on IBM Cloud. We meld industry practices, start-up culture, and IBM's expertise, and adapt them for the needs of our clients, large or small.

We combine IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, agile development, and continuous delivery to build scalable, innovative solutions. Clients, large and small alike, get a practical, business oriented introduction to new technologies much faster than they would before - cognitive learning, IBM Watson, data science, and blockchain. They can experiment with big ideas and emerging technologies for real market outcomes. 


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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