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Topology time machine

See your dynamic infrastructure now and in the past

When everything that you know is changing so quickly, how can IT and network operations teams be effective and responsive to maximise customer service? You need reliable context to understand and resolve problems quickly. And it's important to trust the information that you’re getting.

Come and navigate through a dynamic infrastructure's current and historical behaviour. Whether it's smart meters, complex 4G mobile phone networks, or cutting edge DevOps environments built on Kubernetes, IBM Netcool Agile Service Manager (ASM) taps into a customer's sources of topology information to provide a dynamic view and historical view of their world.

You'll see how our microservice based architecture provides rapid insight into how Kubernetes is behaving, and explore how it's changed over time using ASM's time machine capabilities.

And while you're with us: check out ASM's flexibility by exploring the topology of the London Underground. 


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