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Talk: Reveal the secret of your videos

Find out what's in them without having to watch them all over again

You're looking for that video you recorded of your daughter - the one where she's telling that story about aliens. But where is it among the many that you recorded of her last year? You're feeling a bit frustrated.

Now imagine how a sports broadcaster feels, trying to locate a recording of a specific goal from a season of Premier League matches.

A video is a black box. You can't tell what's in it until you watch it. And that makes things difficult and time-consuming to find one recording from among many. You can do it by narrowing the search based on date, and then rewatching them. Which may be a bit of fun for those videos of your daughter, but isn't likely to appeal to that sports broadcaster.

This talk introduces our new solution from IBM Watson Media. It analyses your content, and tells you what it's about - the keywords, what's on screen, and other useful metadata. Find out about some of its other applications, like captioning, highlight clipping, and video search, as well as the online streaming platform that serves as its foundation.

Zoltán Németh is a senior engineering leader from our new Budapest Lab, where he manages several development teams and has responsibility for technology and architectural vision. He has three patents related to multimedia.


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