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Time out with TJBot

A fun way to reduce stress and enjoy programming

With developer burnout now a hot topic in the industry, and all the pressures of a regular business, we came up with a fun way to prompt people to stay safe at work. And to show off some of our programming skills and IBM Watson services while we're at it.

With Node.js, JavaScript has been unleashed from the browser. It's now one of the most popular programming languages for developers, and lets them use the same skillset to work on interactive web experiences and back-end processing.

For our demo, we started by taking the popular Twitter feed @tinycarebot and hooked it up our Raspberry Pi-enabled IBM TJBot. Then we used used Watson services to have it helpfully remind our team to take a moment for themselves every hour.

IBM Watson provides APIs which allow developers to easily incorporate artificial intelligence services. With Watson, it's elementary to build things into your applications like text-to-speech, sentiment recognition, image recognition, and more.

Come see how easy it is to utilise Watson APIs in Node.js apps. And, of course, why it's important to be mindful of your stress levels at work. Drop by our demo stand when you're ready - no pressure.


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