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Watson video booth

Record yourself to see how AI can analyse what you're saying

Try out our video booth, and see how well IBM Watson Media can tell what you're talking about. Record a short interview with the help of the friendly faces from our new Budapest Lab, and see how Watson can interpret the content of your clip.

Watson Video Enrichment can analyse audio, textual, and visual data in multimedia content, and increase the value of every video asset by creating automated data sets that are thousands of times more detailed and searchable than is currently possible for large libraries of video.

It's a really useful way of locating specific content when you have lots of it to search through. That's helpful enough for someone with lots of family videos, but especially useful for companies such as large broadcasters who have recordings of entire seasons of games and activity from many different sporting events.

It can also provide deeper insights into what really motivates viewers, so you can connect them with relevant content in completely new ways. It can even understand when to flag video assets for potential violations, and thus help you stay compliant while eliminating the cost of manual search and identification.

We have some great applications of this solution, like captioning, highlight clipping, and video search. And we also have the online streaming platform that serves as its foundation. You can check all of these out in our demo.


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